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Updated: Sept. 27, 2018

About Emparty

Emparty is a fast-growing, early stage startup in Mountain View, CA, focused on making it faster, easier, and a lot more fun to put together small parties and events. We’re a marketplace that brings together party organizers with service providers. Think of us as Expedia for parties — a single place where you can find and book venues, service providers, rental party supplies, and more.

The company was founded in April 2018 by Natalie Frank (Avis, Deliv), Kenny Pate (eBay, Deliv), and Ted Dziuba (eBay, Oak Labs), and we closed our pre-seed round of funding in May 2018.  We have a long and growing list of customers lined up to use the service. (For real. We’re not kidding. The pressure is on.)

Engineering Leader

Location: Mountain View, California

There are more technical challenges to this problem than you might expect, which is a big reason why it’s still a pain point today.

We are hiring an Engineering Leader to work directly with our Head of Engineering to build our product and team. This is both an engineering and a management role.

You will:

  • Work directly with customers and the Chief Product Officer to understand the customer’s problems
  • Work directly with the Head of Engineering to develop solutions to those problems
  • Work directly with the CEO to implement the billing terms of sales contracts in code
  • Recruit and manage an engineering team

Ideally, you’ll have:

  • Experience as a technical leader
  • A degree in a quantitative field
  • Up-to-date technical skills with:
    • Python
    • GraphQL
    • Vue.js
    • Google Cloud Datastore
    • Google Cloud Platform

As icing on the cake, you’ll:

  • Have recent technical experience in e-commerce
  • Be familiar with Google Calendar or Office365 calendar APIs

Please include with your resume:

  • A link to your LinkedIn profile, if you have one
  • A link to your GitHub profile, if you have one
  • A Python 3 function that:
    • Takes as input a list of 2-tuples of datetime objects representing time intervals, [(interval_start, interval_end), …], with interval_start < interval_end guaranteed.
    • Merges all overlapping intervals into a single interval
    • Outputs a list of 2-tuples of datetime objects, [(merged_interval_start, merged_interval_end), …] that represents those merged intervals.

This position is located in Mountain View, California. You will need to be on site. Remote workers will not be considered, so don’t even ask. At this time, Emparty is unable to provide relocation assistance or visa support. You must be able to work for any US employer to apply.

Send your resume to careers@emparty.com

Contract UI/UX Designer

Location: Mountain View, California

Design will play a critical role in our company, and we’re looking for an experienced web and mobile web UX/UI design contractor to help us establish a design language for the company and bring it to life, working closely with our Chief Product Officer and our front-end engineer. You will create user flows, wireframes, and high-fidelity mockups; then you’ll test them with real users. (We’re so new that you’ll be able to select your tools in most cases.)

As a marketplace, we have two sets of users: 1) party organizers who primarily access the service via the mobile web, and 2) party providers (venues, vendors, etc.) who will primarily access the system with a desktop web browser. (We have an alpha site running at emparty.com, but don’t focus too much on what’s there now.) While we expect to launch a mobile app at some point, it’s out of scope for 2018.

This position is located in Mountain View, California. You will need to be on site. Remote workers will not be considered, so don’t even ask.

This position reports to the Chief Product Officer.


  • Create user flows, wireframes, prototypes, and high-fidelity mockups
  • Work closely with the Chief Product Officer and Head of Technology
  • Define design specifications
  • Excellent HTML and CSS is required. You’ll write HTML and CSS and work with a front-end engineer to implement it in JavaScript
  • (JavaScript skills are a plus, but not required)
  • Conduct user testing sessions online and in-person
  • Use analytics to make data-driven decisions
  • See your features through launch


  • Experience designing desktop and mobile web user experiences
  • Must have shipped product to end users
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Fluency in English
  • Ability to work directly with a front-end engineer


Send your resume and portfolio link to careers@emparty.com

Emparty is dedicated to diversity, and all qualified applicants will receive consideration.